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Slave Etiquette

27 Jun 2017

On the surface, it may seem logical to think that Female Domination is a simple concept: A Superior Goddess ruling over a lowly man who brings no requests, no ideas, or no use of his brain to the relationship. But in reality, nothing can be farther from the truth.

I’m a lot of things, but I’m not a mind-reader. If you don’t tell Me how I can best control you…whether it be the denial of sex, erotic hypnosis, sissy tendencies, creative ways to take Your money, etc. There’s NO way I can use you to My best advantage.

In a perfect world, the Goddess will take the best of each slave’s unique qualities and talents from him, so She can gain maximum profit, happiness, and victory over all men. To achieve that, however, the slave needs to make his qualities known to Her.

So before you call or write Me, keep the following things in mind…


What a Good Slave does:

Accept in his heart that Women are Superior, and act accordingly at all times.
Express his best talents and abilities to Her, so She may use them to Her best advantage.
Explain how he desires Feminine control, so She can rule over him to the maximum extent possible.
Work together with Her. Think of it as “two people living as one,” all toward the happiness and profit of the Goddess. By being actively involved in his domination, the slave finds true peace once he’s in sync with Her.
Always show appreciation for his newfound peace by giving of himself to Her, with financial assets, talents, and/or both.

What a Good Slave does NOT do:

Offer himself with no specific ways to dominate him, or provide no help when She asks how She can best use him.
Argue over any decision the Goddess makes. Although you must express suggestions over your domination, She always makes the final decisions. All of Her rulings are final.

Blindly beg for Her to dominate him for as long as he lives. Everyone’s lives change constantly, and She always reserves the right to drop any slave at any time for any reason.

Seek this relationship purely for his own sexual gratification. This is not about him. It’s all about Her.
Be RUDE, weither it be with demands or passive aggressive comments. Once I detect any of this, I WILL BLOCK & IGNORE. FOREVER
By remembering these points when you contact Me, your experience and relationship with Me will be the most enjoyable for both of us. The basic guideline: THINK before you call.