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The Joy of a Willing, Hypnotized slave Pt 1

23 Jun 2017

The Joy of a Willing, Hypnotized slave
By Mistress Alexandra

Here is a basic truth that I and other leaders often hear: "You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make him drink. As I've learned, it is especially true in Erotic Hypnosis.

A man can program his mind any way he chooses. If he wants to be a piggish, stubborn know-it-all, that's his prerogative. It is unfortunate, because these misguided "king wannabesť have no idea what they are missing! They'll never know how wonderful it feels to be led through life by a beautiful, intelligent, talented, nurturing, feminine Woman" a shining Queen who is Superior to him in every way.

These enlightened men possess the intelligence, desire, and passion to serve a Goddess like Me. I demand a lot from My slaves! Fortunately, My best ones have a great talent they want Me to exploit.

Here at home, I have computer technicians and domestic house servants at My beck and call. Online, I have a wide array of slaves. And yes, I have financial slaves who beg Me to use their money to revel in the most lavish things in life things they could never afford, such as fancy cars and exquisite jewelry. It makes Me dominate them just that much more!

But from a man's standpoint, why would he possibly do that? Why would he surrender what he's worked so hard to earn, and give it away to a stranger miles and miles away?

Why? Because it makes his little cock hard, that's why! I learned at a young age how to use My sex appeal to mentally whip a boy into My own image. The female power is so strong that in high school, boys conspire to fight it. Any male who does the natural thing -- who gives into a beautiful Girl and Her whims -- is "pussy-whipped."ť

In college, young men muscle their way to their false superiority. Then in the business world, they've hogged all the best jobs because they cannot face the truth that Women would do their jobs better!

And all the while, 99 percent of the Women have given in. From birth, they have been trained to abdicate what comes naturally to give up the power they had when they gave birth to these slime bags! I really believe most men secretly beg for domination from their Wives at least some of the time. And I believe that wimpy Women are the main reasons for most divorces.

It's been said that we most crave what we cannot have. And for the properly enlightened male, his desire for Female Domination is exposed through his cock. How many fellas have had wet dreams about a Woman bossing them around at work? Or even walking them like a dog?

Though nobody admits it, there are more men than you think who ache to live in a Woman's World. They can never tell their families or friends. But privately, their minds are amazingly open to wilting under a Woman's Heavenly charm.

To be continued......