Hard Morning is an audio that is simply a must have. Let Mistress Alexandra take care of your raging hardon when you wake up. You will love it.
In "you are Mine!" Mistress Alexandra lays claim to you. She tells you that you are hers, she claims complete ownership over you. It is such a hot experience.
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    HypnoticEroticMp3 is an Erotic Hypnosis Oasis owned and operated by Mistress Alexandra. I love introducing good boys to My sexy, seductive hypnosis sessions..
    Feel free to browse my shop and pick out a file to delight your senses. I have hundreds of files which means hundreds of ways to make you Mine forever!!
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Your cock undoubtedly feels good when you jerk it.  But never forget that all sex starts in the MIND. So if you crave My amazing sexual teasing and Domination, why don't you let Me into your head right away?  Why waste time?
Erotic Hypnosis is one of My specialties. It's the favorite topic of slaves who buy My Erotic Mp3s. And it's a favorite topic of those who call Me for My cock-bulging Phone Sex sessions. 
Once I get into your head, I promise that I'll remove the other life functions that tug at you -- thus freeing you to focus on ME ... on what I want, what I crave, and what I plan to do with your cock and balls, and the uncontrollable baby-making sperm inside of Your sensitive sac.
Once I own your cock, I do magical things to you. During our Erotic Hypnosis phone sessions, you'll tell Me how I should emerge in your brain -- so you can see the image of Me that will turn you on the most. Then, you will jerk off as I command.  I'll determine the speed, the intensity, and the exact places on your crotch where you'll rub and scratch.  I use a lifetime of sexual Feminine control to expertly turn your cock into a beautiful trophy of My control over you.  And I promise that you will crave this day after day after glorious day.
During My popular Phone Sex sessions, I will help you become the deliciously-dominated slave you've always wanted to be.  And I also help other guys who crave My beauty and power for Ass Worship, Sissy Control, Cuckold Training, Orgasm Control/Gooning, Financial Slavery to Me, and much more.
You'll pay for our sessions on Niteflirt.  Open a free account at where you'll deposit funds to pay economical per-minute fees for My Phone Sex sessions and Erotic Mp3s. Try Me!  You will love what I will do to ... whoops, FOR you! 

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Oftentimes My sessions inspire slaves to share their experiences with others. Here is some of the most recent feedback My slaves have shared. It may not be long before your name is among this list...


06/12/2017 Memphis Subbie
I'm your puppet
05/31/2017 edward_Sub
I'm pussy whipped by Alexandra.
05/26/2017 floral
This is an incredibly hot experience. The way Mistress Alexandra treats your condition, you definitely need to experience for yourself. Thankyou Mistress Alexandra for treating me.
05/26/2017 floral
Always & Forever Frustrated tells how and why we are forever bound to Mistress Alexandra, one reason why we rarely get to cum, how she allows us amazing pleasure, and more. Everyone should listen. Thankyou so much Mistress.
05/23/2017 edward_Sub
So perfect, her voice makes you want to fall, ...and surrender.
05/22/2017 floral
Mocking you is an insanely hot and humiliating experience. The way Mistress Alexandra weaves this story will leave you dripping. Her cruel words, her laughter, the story.... You definitely should listen to this.
05/22/2017 floral
This is a wonderful experience. You need to listen to Hypnotic Queen Meditation. A relaxing and arousing experience, you will soak up the truths that our Queen tells you. Thankyou Mistress Alexandra.
05/21/2017 edward_Sub
Goddess Alexandra is so superior, so desirable, so ...unattainable.
05/21/2017 edward_Sub
Alexandra will connect, captivate, and control. She is genuinely a Goddess.
05/20/2017 edward_Sub
Alexandra's voice, her body, her control is absolutely addicting.
05/19/2017 slvdreamer
She can be so cruel, so seductive, but always addictive..
05/19/2017 torreme
What a gorgeous and superior woman. Thank you!
05/19/2017 lovely_hubby
I'd be washing and cleaning You for the rest of my life, Goddess!
05/19/2017 Lyla_Leahs_Cuck
05/19/2017 edward_Sub
Can't get enough.
05/12/2017 tommi
I couldn't stop panting when I enjoyed Exercise -- getting Ms. Alexandra ready to fuck Her Lover is sweet sweet exercise in itself, especially for HER!
05/12/2017 lovely_hubby
Yeah, just pumpped my weenie and cum at Your feet! Couldn't resist. How can You be so fucking hot?

So what’s in that brain of yours, slave? If you have a favorite Femdom fantasy, let Me bring it to life in a Custom or Exclusive Mp3!

What do you dream? How does a Woman lure you into slavery? What do you do when your Wife or Girlfriend is out fuckin’ that hot Lover? How do one or more Ladies humiliate you? How does a Queen suck your wallet dry?

Let Me record your deepest fantasy. My smooth voice, cock-rattling inflection, and exquisite detail are guaranteed to drive you wild! Unlike many erotic actresses, I live this life! I devote the passion and sexual heat that your fantasy deserves! I offer two options:

* Custom Mp3: 0-200+
I record this especially for you ~ but at some point, I also release it to the general public. After all, why shouldn’t all My slaves be in on the fun? Rates are higher than pre-recorded Sexy Mp3s, but they’re still very economical compared to what other Goddesses charge — and for MUCH better quality!

* Exclusive Mp3: 0-500+
I’ll humiliate you and enslave you by name … and you won’t believe how your cock responds to that! For your ears only, at a premium price that’s worth every succulent second!

Contact Me directly about either of these options. I’ll have a contact form below. Some things to remember:

* NO outside scripts. I want to record what’s in your heart, not somebody else’s thoughts on a sheet of paper.
* Audio lengths are 12-18 minutes. Can be longer for an additional charge.
* Payment policies: Advance payment in full for Custom Mp3s. For Exclusive Mp3s, pay 50% upon order & 50% upon delivery.
* Allow 48-96 hours for Me to record and deliver your Mp3.

My preferred purchasing option at Niteflirt, through My Flirt name “Cuckold Collectress Alexandra.”

Serious inquires will get a prompt reply.