From Cold Fish to Hot Wife: Her Dreamy Transformation

Three-way cuckold relationships are not for everybody.  It takes patience, tolerance, lots of love, and shit-loads of understanding for all involved -- especially a husband who must surrender his cock-to-pussy intercourse with the Woman he has vowed to honor until death do them part.
It sounds so honorable.  Hubby has a tiny dick, and he loves his Wife so much that he endlessly searches for the perfect cock -- a well-endowed "fuck buddy" for the Lady of his life. Or better yet, they find him together. But as ideal as this sounds, there are so many emotions that can get in the way -- especially when the Wife wants a steady boyfriend who would date Her and fuck Her exclusively.
One of My slaves has spent a good number of years not only fantasizing about sharing his Wife with Lovers -- he has written numerous scenarios to Me, and has spent hours online envisioning what it might be like.  
I vaguely remember that I once told him I would consider helping him make his dream come true.  But that's very dangerous for an outsider like Me to step into.  I did it anyway ... and I emailed his Wife, using an address he once begged Me to use:
Subject line: 
From Hubby's Friend (and I used his name)
Let Me introduce Myself.  I am Dr. Brianna -- and I was a professor's assistant in psychology when Your husband went to our university.  
You may know that he had trouble finding and keeping a girlfriend -- and we talked about many of his issues involving his body, appearance, and personality.  I always found him to be a nice guy, and I was glad You could marry him!  He deserves a nice home life and family, and it really pleases me that You're part of it.
After graduating, I've had My own psychiatry practice for the last 20 years. About two years ago, your husband sought me out for some advice -- and if you don't know that, PLEASE DON'T be angered.  We've only had e-mail discussions; I have not talked directly to him since our school days. 
He came to Me because he loves You so, so much -- even after the two of you broke apart sexually. And it only took a short time for Me to find out why.  It is 100% true that he's had some medical issues that prevent him from sexually pleasing You -- but there's something else, and I understand that the subject came up recently.
Let Me know if I'm correct: You said You wanted a return to the sex life you enjoyed with your husband until his inability to maintain an erection began about three years ago. He again discussed his physical problems and suggested they may not be able to be resolved -- and he asked if You were open at all to getting the sex You need from another man.  You abruptly cut off the conversation and asked why he would think of such a thing.
You deserve to know why ... and I would love nothing more than to discuss this through e-mail, privately and secretly: DO NOT TELL YOUR HUSBAND, at least for now!  I ask of you to please give Me the chance to explore this with You. I have long been a friend of his, and I would love being a friend and confidant to You, too.  
There is no cost involved.  Please know that I reach out in friendship -- and with the knowledge of how the right man could not only please You sexually, but rekindle a physical love between You and Your husband in a new way that can be more intimate than what the two of you have ever experienced.
So what do You say? Please think about this, and respond to this email as soon as you feel comfortable.  
After all, the most wonderful things in life cannot be hurried, right?  
Dr. Brianna 
Of course, my Wife was skeptical.  In Her reply, She simply stated that She feared opening a can of worms -- there's no way to know whether hubby would really accept this -- and it would most certainly put our longtime marriage at risk.  
The next morning, around the same hour as Her note from yesterday (9:30 a.m.), Brianna sent Her reply:
OK, I understand.  But may I please ask for one simple thing?  Would You create a mental list of what You see as the advantages and disadvantages of bringing a better cock into Your sex life?  Spell them out for Me, and send Me the list.  
It would help Me immensely in My continuing discussions with Your husband.  And I believe we both agree that You would start a dangerous conflict by telling him Your knowledge of his private talks with Me.  
That, too, could create a fatal divide in your marriage.
Two days later, my Wife responded:
All right, I guess there's no harm in granting your request.  
* I'd fuck a bigger cock. My inside nerves would feel better and I might be sexually satisfied.
* I might find the right guy, I might not -- if I don't, our marriage explodes.
* I'd be away from him more often -- assuming he doesn't see My new sex partner.
* Unless he buys everything, it would cost us money we don't have.
* I'd have to keep so many secrets from him, our marriage would collapse from mistrust.
* I don't think he could handle this emotionally.  
* I've never been a big risk taker. I like the sure thing.  And for me, that's the occasional kiss and cuddle.  I've settled for that.  
I'd rather his mind and heart than his relatively flat crotch.  
I want sex, but I don't know if I can live with this.
Brianna immediately wrote back:
So are you saying that you'd rather have a steady boyfriend fuck You instead of different guys?
That question made My Wife freeze.  Dr. Brianna let it simmer during the weekend.  Then on Monday morning at 9:30, She was back.
My Wife told my friend that this frightens Her. She has a large family living nearby, so there's no way they would accept it.  She would be certain that if Her in-laws, or one of our grown children mention it, hubby would blush and freeze himself -- and then never bring up the subject again.  
Dr. B: Sounds like You have a couple of nice choices in mind for a boyfriend.
Wife: NO! Stop putting words in my mouth!
Dr. B: You want Me to think that You have a closed mind -- no way.
Wife:  You think You know everything about me.  I resent that!!!!!
Dr. B.:  Good.  Let that simmer for a day.
Or two.  Brianna did not reach out to my Wife on Tuesday, but She returned at the usual time on Wednesday.
Wife: Where were you???
Dr. B:  Miss Me?  NICE!  I think we can start talking.
Wife:  We have.
Dr. B:  Hardly. I had to shut up for a day to pry Your mind open.  What does that say?
Wife:  That you've got me thinking about this.
Dr. B:  Wonderful.  Before we go any further, I want You to think about this some more. I spent our "day off" yesterday preparing a detailed explanation for each advantage and disadvantage You listed.  Read that carefully, and think about it some more before we talk tomorrow.
Here's Brianna's prognosis:
* I'd fuck a bigger cock. My inside nerves would feel better and I might be sexually satisfied.
.....The fact that Your husband wants this should tell You how much he really loves You. He cannot fuck You himself, and I want You to know how precious this is. Respect him, he's gladly handing over the best part of a marriage!
* I might find the right guy, I might not -- if I don't, our marriage explodes.
.....The answer: Communication.  Talk together about each of your desires for this.  Then talk some more. However, this does NOT need to happen before You start dating a man.  Never forget that he wants this for You.  In fact, I think some early secrecy on Your part would be downright saucy!
* I'd be away from him more often -- assuming he doesn't see My new sex partner.
.....I've discussed this with him, and he appreciates that.  However, it would be no problem for You to secretly date him a few times.  Just say You're going out with Your sister(s) -- which You undoubtedly do now.
* Unless he buys everything, it would cost us money we don't have.
.....He'll happily find the money, even if he has to cut back on other things he enjoys. He wants this so much, this would be his favorite investment! Trust Me, he will want to buy beautiful dresses for You that he'd never otherwise get himself.  Before You date Your man, he will beg to bathe You, dress You, and be a cheerleader for both of You as head off to Your romantic nights of dinner, dancing, etc.
* I'd have to keep so many secrets from him, our marriage would collapse from mistrust.
.....Oh, he might be a bit surprised once You tell him about Your boyfriend. Just tell him You needed to make sure it would work before You brought it up with him -- to get the bugs out, like Apple needed to do with his iPhone.    
* I don't think he could handle this emotionally.  
.....A few weeks ago, I asked him to name Me five men he'd be proud to call Your Boyfriend. He said that You know all of them, they're either single or divorced, and they would be a wonderful help to your marriage.
* I've never been a big risk taker. I like the sure thing.  And for me, that's the occasional kiss and cuddle.  I've settled for that.  
.....And both of you would be miserable.  That's right, both of you.  He said that he thinks of dropping down and eating Your pussy every once in a while ... but sometimes, it's so dry that it's a battle for him.  Believe Me, when a hot guy is pumping sperm into You, that pussy is ALWAYS wet and raring to go. If you pick the right boyfriend, he will enjoy knowing that Your husband loves dining on Your delicious mix of love juices. And he gets the satisfaction of having Your boyfriend's jizz in his stomach forever.  It's another nice bond between the three of you.  
* I'd rather have his mind and heart than his relatively flat crotch.
.....Communicate and get the right man, and his love for You will flow in ways You may never realize.
* I want sex, but I don't know if I can live with this.
.....To live with what You're living with now would be an utter shame.  He knows this.  Believe Me when I say he really wants this for You.  He has thought about this for a long, long time. And we have discussed it.  
Tomorrow, let's discuss this report.  I will be happy to answer Your questions.  
My heart feels great helping You like this ~ Dr. Brianna
Brianna mentioned so many things my Wife never thought of.  She had lots of questions in their e-mail session the next morning.
Who are the guys My husband mentioned?  
.....Brianna listed all 5 names.
* They're all single. We may start out as simple friends, but I could see them falling in LOVE with me.  What happens then?
.....Mostly good things. I asked Your husband whether he could consider the boyfriends he mentioned as a TEAM ... two guys working together to both love You and serve You in their own special ways, totally coordinated to avoid snags. I was immediately convinced that his answers were very sincere.
* But what if there's a conflict?  Who gets Me when they BOTH want Me? 
.....The Boyfriend. Always the boyfriend. As the chooser of Your sex partner, YOU are the dominant partner in your marriage.  The first few times, it might hurt when he cannot do something he likes. But in virtually every such relationship I deal with, the husband scales back his own playtime, so that you can enjoy YOURS with your special Lover. You're conditioning him into Your way of life for the first time ... and nothing but good can come from that for Your marriage.
* I like that thought. 
.....Your husband will, too.  Talk everything out.  If You train him right, he will eventually lose his ego and be eager to plan things for You AND Your Boyfriend.  Dates, weekends to Your favorite spots, even a one-week vacation that you and Lover would share all by Yourselves.
* That's weird.  Why would My husband allow that?
.....Check his crotch from time to time.  If the underside of his cockhead isn't scratched and bleeding -- if his balls aren't shriveled and empty from all that masturbating -- then he's not feeling good about this. If it's a problem, lock him in a chastity device. He knows that's a possibility -- and while it's not fun at first, it will become natural to him over time.  Be sure to tease him when he's locked up. Your fingers on his balls will squeeze him uncontrollably -- and if he comes accidentally during this, slap him in the face.  By this point, he will look to You to be his shining Superior -- do that for him by giving him the scoldings and punishments he desperately wants and needs.
* Sounds like I'm brainwashing him.
..... You are.  And he'll think it's so romantic if You do it right. You will, I just know it.
* So you're saying that when I go on a date, he'll mutilate his cock?
.....Let him do it from time to time.  Yeah, it's painful, but it can occasionally be a treat for him. Things DO hurt so good, you know. ;)
And what about the rest of the time?
.....Give him the chores you need done -- and INSIST that he finish them on Your dates, or else you'll fuck at his house instead of Yours.  Among other things, he needs to stock the refrigerator with Yours and BF's most romantic wines -- make the house look spotless for the two of you -- light candles in Your bedroom -- put new, soft sheets to make your lovemaking most comfortable -- have Your favorite breakfast ready for the next morning.  All this and more will make Your husband a very happy man.
.....And while You're doing this, make sure he gets to enjoy Your love for Your beautiful boyfriend.  When You go on dates, make him come to the front door, let him caress the bare arms of the gorgeous dress You're wearing. And make sure he gets to see Your deepest French kisses. Be unpredictable.  If You promised him to be home late at night, do it -- but sometimes, stay until the next morning. If you planned one overnight, make it two sometimes.  Weekends with Lovers are just so hot!  It will drive him crazy, but he needs that from You!   
* What if I want to mix and match that list of BFs?
.....Not a good idea.  Guys don't like to compete for date time and fuck time ... there's only so much of that, you know.  
* And if I get pregnant?  
.....Don't worry.  If hubby cannot take care of the 'Love Child' for some reason, refer Her/him for adoption.  There are lots of parents who cannot have kids, and they'd die to have Yours if You allowed it.  Please, no abortion.  It may be Your right, but I just don't think it's the right thing to do.
* Agreed!   And I don't see a need, as You said.
.....My boyfriends and I have sent 3 babies to adoption.  They've been great kids, from what we hear.  We never meet the parents.  Too much concern, bother, etc. 
* OK, How do I handle this with My sisters? 
.....You talk about sex with at least one of them, don't you?  Make Her your confidant, tell Her everything, ask Her to hear You out and explain what we've talked here, and She'll be sold.  
..... There's one very important thing to remember here.  THIS IS NOT CHEATING!  Your husband not only allows this, he is a willing partner in a lifestyle that can be very bothersome at times -- but can also reap rewards that You would never otherwise imagine. Talk, talk, and talk ..... and You will find Your own Heaven.  
* You've given Me so much to think about.  I think I better stop now, and absorb this.
..... We had a nice chat today.  Do we have a "date" for tomorrow?
* Yes.  I have 1,000 more questions. 
..... And we will explore all of them. Have a great day, My dear.
* And one other question ...
..... Yes?
* Why do you capitalize Me, My, You, Her, etc.?
..... Because Women glow so much, love so much, and produce almost anything better than men, they need to be revered.  Your husband reveres You, I have no doubt about that.  And so will Your wonderful boyfriend.  
And so it goes.  Brianna puts things so nicely. As a Mistress, I could have been a homewrecker, but I feel as if I have really improved the marriage of a slave who has been so nice to Me.  Everything we have discussed has become reality and more.  One of his best friends has fallen in LOVE with my boy's Wife.  She's at his house at least two nights during the work week, and sometimes She don't come home the entire time.  
Hubby sees the most of Wifey on weekends, but She makes sure he enjoys some nice surprises at home by dropping a love letter from Her Boyfriend on the floor -- have him shop with Her for the most beautiful dresses to please Her Boyfriend -- even make travel arrangements for the two of them/  That's one of his favorite things. She and Her BF have seen the beautiful calming waves of the Pacific Ocean, and they tease hubby by taking photos of their gorgeous nude bodies, arms and lips locking each other together in the most exotic locales -- places he could never dream of going.. 
Dining on his Wife's pussy is one of My slave's favorite things.  He really enjoys his cheeks on Her soft inner thighs ... so warm, so tender.  It's beautiful sex for him, while She enjoys REAL sex with the other man who loves Her -- and will never stop.  
And there's one other thing hubby loves -- being locked up.  It drives his entire midsection crazy!

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