Gambler Cums to Win

Everybody tries to "beat the house" at the casino. But as one lucky player learned, a jackpot does not always come from a slot machine.

A young, long-legged brunette was planning to hit Her jackpot again with Her boyfriend's 8-inch cock on this steamy, humid Friday night. But a family emergency called him out of town -- and She grumbled incessantly to Her no-cock husband.

"Who's gonna fuck Me raw tonight ... NOT you," moaned the hot and horny Wife. She was so bothered, Her face looked frumpy and depressed -- and throughout their marriage, that face taught him to act quickly to pull some kind of magic from his cockless head.

He stepped out of the room for a few minutes, and then returned with a receipt for two hotel rooms at a tribal casino/hotel about 20 miles from their home. "Wonderful!" She exclaimed. "Make sure I get a giant tub for a bubble bath, and a bottle of My favorite champagne! I'm reading a good book right now, so I'll read while I soak. You'll play slots downstairs until you find My Prince Charming for the weekend. The rooms are side by side, right? Two nights,I hope!"

He immediately ran off, called back the hotel, and got the same rooms again... setting him back about $700 for the whole weekend.

Once they hit the road, She knew it was easier to pull hubby's strings -- he would not be as angry at what She might demand. During their drive, She texted Her boyfriend and asked him what type of gown She should wear for the lucky gambler.

A couple minutes later, She commanded to hubby: "Stop at FH and get the black Sheer Lace Tunic."

At first, it bothered him that his Wife texted Her boyfriend just two feet from him. But after a while, it turned him on to watch Her beautiful fingers type Her most intimate questions and love notes to the man who knew Her body 100 times better than Her husband could.

She giggled and purred to Her boyfriend's romantic texts -- and they so were hot, it turned hubby on. After each exchange, She poured it on by rubbing Her Heavenly fingers down Her cheeks while sighing, "Gosh, I LOVE that man." And when hubby did get upset about Her long-distance flirting, all She needed to do was squeeze his balls as he was driving ... and everything was right again.

When they checked into the hotel, the clerk smiled as She gave them a check-in prize -- a complete, free his-and-hers spa treatment. She couldn't WAIT to enjoy that with Her lucky fuck winner. Hubby bowed his head in shame until She pulled his chin up and promised that he could sniff Her used panties and the Lucky Lover's used underwear ... which, of course, hubby would have to wash before the hotel stay is finished.

As you might guess, that appeased him very nicely. So did the fact hubbie and Wifey each had keys to BOTH rooms, so they could go in whenever they needed to. "Don't enter My room without My permission," She commanded.

They inspected both rooms, and they received another surprise -- one had a regular bathtub, while the other had a much larger bathroom and a hot tub. Apparently, somebody ordered the room and canceled it -- so She gladly took the hot tub! He drew Her bath while She unpacked -- and when She was ready, the amazing nude body that Her husband could never fuck was delicious stepping before him. She turned around and he puckered one kiss on each of Her ass cheeks before She dove in.

Hubby washed Her hair and Her upper body. And She washed the rest while he poured Her champagne and brought Her book in. Without kissing him, Her face moved within an inch of his as She teasingly said, "Go down and get a GOD for Me ... and when you find him, don't come up right away. We need our own time before we hear you from the next room.

He did as he was told. Most slot players are generally middle aged Women and elderly men -- but hubby found a couple of younger guys who looked to be in their 30s -- both very handsome, not fat by any means. It took awhile for hubby to sit down. He kept walking past the guys ... and they HAD to wonder what he was doing!

Finally, a medium-built guy with short and neat blonde hair asked the husband what he was doing. "Just lookin' for my favorite machine," said hubby. "I guess that Triple Double Wild Cherry's OK," so he sat to the right of the blonde and they got to know each other a little bit while continuing to play.

The slot attendants kept serving them sodas -- the only alcohol is sold at the bar -- and that was just fine as the two men discussed themselves and their lives. Neither guy won very much -- but their machines were not woofing down their bills, either. They won just enough to keep their conversation going.

About 90 minutes into their slot play, the guy bent down to look at the bottom of his machine -- and hubby sneaked a peek at his crotch. He didn't see much, though -- until another 30 minutes later, when the blonde's cellphone slipped from his pocket directly onto the carpet below.

Clearly, the guy didn't look like he wanted to stop -- his felt his machine was starting to get ready to pay big -- so he didn't think anything of it when hubby offered to slide down to the floor and pick it up for him. That was hubby's first look at the guy's muscular legs from his shorts -- which tightened the crotch of his pants to show a nice-sized bulge.

"Were you looking at my LEGS," the guy said with a raised voice. "Whoa," sighed hubby ... "It's not what you think!" OK, the Stud said, as the two of them went back to playing their slots.

Thirty minutes later, hubby's machine hit it big! A red seven and two triple Wild Cherries on the payline -- which paid $900! When added to the $100 already in the machine, hubby had $1,000 sitting in front of him ... until the blonde Stud congratulated him. The strong and handsome guy gave hubby a nice hug -- and his right hand managed to hit a button the machine and take the paper slip with the $1,000 on it!

"I know what you're doin' boy," he said with a soft yet powerful voice: He took a quick slap at hubby's sissi clit and grumbled, "I knew it. Well ... Congratulations, cucky ... You just hit the JACKPOT!"

Hubby pretended not to know what the Stud was talking about until the guy grabbed his hand and squeezed it, and made him stay silent until he got his confession: "OK, OK, I'll do what you say ..."

"Stop movin'," the man said. "I don't want a security camera pickin' this up. Now ... listen and listen GOOD. I'm gonna hang onto this little prize until you tell me what room your Wife's in ..."

"Four ... twenty ... six," the hubby said nervously.

"Oooooo, the whirlpool suite! I should make you come up and strip ... and then you'll help me into the hot tub where a REAL MAN will fuck your Wife -- just like you want it, right, boy?"

"Ye ... yes, sir."

"Well, you're not gonna watch. You're gonna stay here and play. I'll text you when it's time for you to come up -- and you BETTER have some more money for us, got it?????"

"I ... I ...."

"Shut up! Are you staying the whole weekend?" Yes, the hubby said. "I get to pork your Wife all weekend. I've been WAITING for this!!!!!" So has She, I told them -- and I mentioned that Her boyfriend was gone all weekend.

"Boyfriend, huh??? Good. That gives us something sexy to talk about. Now ... You're gonna keep playing this machine until I text you from our hot tub. Text Her now and tell Her I'm coming ... and coming and coming and coming!!!"

"Yeh ...yeh ... yes, Sir."

"It's nice to call me SIR. Smile when you say that!" Hubby gave him a nervous grin as he texted his Wife.

"MMMMMMMMMM, can't wait," She immediately replied. And the Stud said, "Don't move. Keep playing. I'm going to the cashier, and then She and I will decide how we want to share this. Aren't you glad you won this for us????" Hubby sat speechless as the man calmly walked away, and the husband did as he was ordered -- to keep playing.

Hubby kept playing the same machine, pumping soda into his tummy and going to the bathroom on occasion. After two hours of that, Wifey texted him. "You can come up to your room now. Do not disturb us ... we're still busy."

Hubby opened his door, and he immediately noticed the smell of their sex. "Oh, SHIT, he thought to himself ... they HAD to fuck in MY room, didn't they???"

Of course. And She not only got the hot tub ... She got the noisiest bed as well. The wooden frame pounded my wall as they pounded each other. I was certain I wasn't going to get to sleep.

Before I could inspect my bed, I saw a handwritten note from my Wife:

Good hubby!

You picked a beautiful man to bring to Me. I won't tell you his cock size: That's none of your business. HE's the one fucking Me, not you ... but after testing your bed, we concluded that it will work perfectly for Me all weekend long.

He also enjoyed the nightie you bought Me. He caressed it so beautifully. He rubbed every square inch, both inside and out. But in case you can't smell the scent of his never-ending cock, he left you pair of underwear to sniff and enjoy as you hear us pound the back wall of your bed -- He and I have the nicest bed for that!!!

Also, we left a bottle of our spit by your medicines, so you can enjoy the juices from our French kisses while you hear us fuck to ecstasy. Finally, we hope we left enough of ourselves on your bed so that you'll enjoy sniffing us and tasting us while we "serenade" you from next door.

This will give you a 360-degree sexual appearance without us having to see you, or hear your whining. That way, all three of us can enjoy this.

Love, Wifey & Slot Champion

Well, hubby was the slot champ ... but considering the circumstances, he was not about to argue.

As the wall kept pounding, hubby easily found and tasted every drop of their spit -- he figured it would be the closest he would ever get to them. A couple minutes, he found the nightie and white briefs hidden under his desk. First, he sat at his desk chair and sniffed the delights of the lingerie. Then, he went to the side of the bed where he normally sleeps -- and he saw quite the "treat."

A thin, 2-inch line of Wifey's brown was visible. That was the first thing he sniffed -- it reminded him of the gentle aroma from Her sweated Ass, as he cleaned the ample cum from Her pussy. The ass scent was a background to Hers and his cum ... and in that context, he savored it as a very beautiful aroma. The smell and taste of Her sex were still in the forefront ... but the lurking of the ass scent in the background was very sexy to him.

At this moment, the smell of the brown was dominated by about an 18-inch stream of the gambler's cum. And there were a few other streams around it. Obviously, he left the fruits of his first orgasm on the bed for hubby to enjoy -- and if he didn't want to lay on it, he could sleep in an unnatural position where his wife normally rested.

Hubby took a pillow and moved to the middle of the bed, lying to his normal sleeping side where he could kiss and lick the man's cum while sniffing their tremendous leftovers.

Since the cum spread so much, hubby couldn't avoid it -- if he wanted to sleep in the bed tonight, he HAD to lie on the lover's dried jizz!!!!! Had the pounding not continued, hubby would have felt such utter humiliation. Of course, he couldn't get to sleep until the sex stopped next door. Finally, about 40 minutes after he started hearing it, the pounding stopped.

Hubby could then hear a quieter sound of their bed squeaking as they were caressing and kissing each other. It was so quiet next door, hubby thought he could hear the puckers of their lips -- and he probably could, the way they "rubbed it in" to him.

He was half-waiting for a text from his Wife, perhaps inviting him to come in and do some tasks. But the moment never came ... and 10 minutes after their climax, hubby fell asleep.

Around 5 a.m., hubby's phone rang. His Wife told him to go get two "Steak and Egg" specials from one of the restaurants downstairs -- over easy, and scrambled. "And bring ketchup -- he likes it on his eggs!" I did as I was ordered. "I was going to let you eat, too, but you'll be too busy -- He likes pink toenails, paint them for both of us while we're eating, OK?"

Normally, the task wouldn't be humiliating, but the gambler kept laughing at me every time he stared down. "Naw, I just think that's CUTE ... His and hers pink toenails, the Gorgeous Wife and Her little faggie boy husband. Hey, how did you like sleeping on My JIZZ!!!!!"

I looked depressed and speechless, but my Wife said, "Don't let him fool you. Your sperm is like makeup cream on his skin -- the jizz your cock poured into Me last night soothed every one of My husband's pores. The greatest makeup treatment is the most natural, isn't it, hubby???"

"Yes, dear," I said.

"You'll call Her MA'AM, in my presence, got it????" commanded the Lover.

"We need some more coffee," She said, "There a pot in the bathroom ... fill it up for us, and then you can go get some on your own." The moment I returned from getting my own coffee and my morning newspaper, I heard the rattle of the bed the second I returned to my room.

It took about 45 minutes for them to cum, and then Wifey texted him: "Your breakfast is ready!"

Gosh, they were delicious. I ate the fresh juices from Her pussy as Her Lover laughed like crazy. "Wow, I've never seen a guy go after MY CUM so ... so intense!"

"Mmmmm," I purred. "I wish I could tell you how delicious you and my Wife are."

"You don't have to say it, wimp. You're proving it -- and I love it, keep it up!" After I finished licking, the guy asked why I liked him fucking my Wife so much. I opened my pants and he immediately patted my near dickless crotch -- just like a Master petting his doggie.

"And Her ass ...," he said with an admiring grin. "She told me how much you LOVE it when a guy gets it all sweated up. I must admit, it smells nice to ME, too ... but I'd rather be the one CREATING the aroma and the one sniffin' and lickin' it up."

"Now You know why we wanted you all weekend," I told him.

"Oh, don't get romantic, boy," said my Wife. "That's for ME to do! Now here's you next errand ... We're gonna fuck again while you go pick up a package for us at the sex toy store across the street." He brought it back unopened, and it was a set of two see through chastity devices.

"You're going to wear one for us," said Wifey. "You've been gettin' too many hard-ons lately. I can't let you do that -- last night, I let you cum without restraint, and look at the blood on your dick today. You just can't be responsible, can you???"

"No, Ma'am," I depressingly uttered while Lover Boy howled in laughter again.

And so it went. Wifey's boyfriend checked in, and She talked about the lovely guy She was fucking all weekend while the boyfriend visited his college and fucked an old flame ever since Friday afternoon. "I'm jealous," She said ... "You got a head start on Me." All three of them laughed as my Wife kicked me out of Her room again.

"We need to talk privately. Go play some slots and make us some more money." When She checked in, I told Her I had won $200. "Good," She texted. "Make it $300." My kitty got down to $125, but I came back to win $400. "Enough, Ma'am?" I texted. "I guess ... I was gonna put My little gift on you, let's do that after you bring us spaghetti & garlic bread. And I suppose you're hungry, so bring some for yourself, too."

During our dinner, the three of us talked about our lives and our backgrounds. Afterward, She said, "We want to hear you squirm -- I'm gonna put this one and you won't touch your dickie all night."

WOW. I couldn't believe how Her fingers and fingertips caressed the most sensitive part of my very sensitive balls as She slowly put the device on. When the lock clicked, Her casino Lover gave me an evil grin and said, "Good, you're locked up forever, boy..."

This kind of shit went on all the way through about 3 p.m. Sunday, when we finally called it a weekend. I had spent the last two hours washing their clothes ... a wonderfully sexual experience in itself, obviously. When I gave him his wash, I thanked him for the beautiful weekend he gave me and my Wife.

The Lover boy laughed one more time and said, "Well, I didn't really enjoy this weekend at all. We spent about $300 and we're each getting $350 of your winnings, and you LOVE how we screwed you, right? Yes, in more ways than one!

Of course, this weekend was too good not to repeat. So the three of us did that every six months. Her boyfriend didn't mind, of course, because he had other Female friends to enjoy at those times.

I never won hundreds of dollars for Her Lovers again ... but that didn't matter, because the first win and kept on giving ... and giving ... and giving.

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