The Beginning: Mistress Alexandra's Start

The way My own marriage has gone, I've thought about starting a website called  That's where today's busy, Superior Boss Woman could find not only a compatible personality for a man ... but one with a giant cock!

Unfortunately, the Internet and our mind-expanding sex cultures were not nearly as advanced when I courted My husband. He was married twice before, and each left him for other men.  I loved this man so much.  As we courted, his heart literally flew Me to paradise.  And since I came from a traditional family, I wanted a sweet old-fashioned courtship -- complete with the tradition that there be NO SEX before our wedding day.
I met this gorgeous man at a Career Day at college for the aviation industry.  He was sky high in his career by then. He wore his sharp and handsome uniform at a speaking engagement, where I was proud to be the shining beacon in his audience.
One year later, our Wedding Day came right out of a fairy tale ... except for one concern.  We had already recited our vows when I learned that the "man of My dreams" was hardly a man under his crotch. When I brought up the subject of his thin dick -- 5 inches long when it's hard -- he immediately feared the worst. In our first bedroom encounter on our wedding night, I proudly and convincingly assured him that I would love, honor, and cherish him for what he was: the most beautiful "man at heart" that I had ever met.  
So Hubs and I started building our home and our great life together.  His job often took him out of town, leaving me to do all the little things that make a house a magnificent home. When he came home, we talked and kissed and cuddled for hours.  Yes, he tried using his meager rod to electrify as much of My body as he could.  But while his other wives were correct -- he could not truly please Me by digging his stump into My pussy -- I found so many other ways I could love him.  
About six months into our marriage, Hubs was away on business when some "unfinished business" rang My doorbell. A man I'll call "M" dated Me in college, but stress consumed him as he tried dealing with both his studies and the Woman who could have been the love of his life. And while alcohol makes college fun for most students, it was too much for M.  He dropped out of school to go into rehab.
His parents were from the East Coast and could not travel 3,000 miles to the West Coast to retrieve the personal things he left behind. So his Mom and Dad asked Me to round up everything -- including some expensive necklaces and other jewelry -- and hold onto them for safekeeping.  As it turned out, M went directly from our college detox unit to a hospital -- and I didn't have the heart to ask where it was.  All I knew is that I would probably never see him again, except for his remnants that I still kept at home, out of sight and out of mind.
For awhile, I could not stop thinking about him.  M and I had great sex -- before his meltdown, he had a good heart. And I could not believe how his thick and bare cock touched so many nerves in My body, making My already intense and exciting sex life better than I could ever imagine.
I never quite forgot M -- that is, until nine months later Hubs had his "chance encounter" with Me at college.  The love I have for Hubs is unlike any other man, including M.  So on the exact day of the 6-month anniversary of My marriage, I was taken aback when M came a knockin.'  
He said he was in town for something, so he thought he would stop by and get his college mementos. It would have been awkward had Hubs been home. But since he was on the road, I let My curiosity get the best of me and agreed to chat at a coffee house.  
M was so stressed at school, as it was his first time away from the city where he grew up.  That, plus the school work, tied him in knots.  We discussed that, and I told him that I appreciated that.  Still, I wanted so much to let him know that I moved on.  
As cool as I tried to be with M, however, we both realized that our "fire" between us never died -- it would only simmer until it could break out so beautifully.  So by the end of the afternoon, My affair began.  For five glorious days, we rocked our bodies until we couldn't rock them anymore. Although Hubs is unsurpassed at giving Me emotional love, My body has never felt better when M was rocking Me and stretching My ample pussy with his massive love sausage.
Little did I know that Hubs would end his latest work assignment two days earlier than planned.  He drove up to our house and saw a strange car in the driveway, with a man backing out.  I was taking my normal post-sex shower when I heard the front door close.  Thinking it was M, I called out his name ... and I heard nothing in response.  It was very unusual not to hear his big, booming voice -- so I stepped into my living room, still nude and sweaty from the wild and passionate fuck we had that morning. 
A dejected Hubs was still in his uniform, holding his suitcase -- but while his body wore the outfit that made Me fall in love with him, his heart clearly looked flattened and deflated -- and his pained face could only look down to his shined black shoes in pure and unadulterated shame.  
Hubs knew what was next ... or so he thought.  He assumed we would not talk very much -- that I would run for the bedroom, pack my bags, and then run to M.  However, I loved Hubs as much as ever, and more than I have truly loved any man.  So for the next hour, I dropped to My knees, said nothing, and let him belt out his frustrations and let out his tears and his vast array of emotions.  
I told Hubs that I loved him -- and I would NOT be his third failure.  He would not see Me leave for M. But from that second on, we realized that I could no longer repress My natural yearning for passionate, body-shaking sex. I needed to be fucked for one HOUR at a time, not one minute. I needed to feel my most intimate nerves tingle with anticipation, from the second I first kiss a man until the Heavenly climax that Me and My Lovers had shared together.
For the next 10 hours, we had spent the entire night and early the next morning discussing our needs -- both his and Mine.  We both spent a considerable amount of time exploring what could be -- and how I could never become his third ex-Wife while at the same time, I could feel what every Woman deserves to feel -- the absolute beauty of sex with the most well-endowed and physically strong man She could find.  Also, he agreed that I have a sexual appetite that needs to be fed, especially while he's away at work.
But neither of us wanted Me to have a steady boyfriend -- one who could sweep Me away over time, and make My feelings toward Hubs diminish. So throughout our years of marriage, I built up a "stable" of about eight great men. Most are African-American, legendary for having the world's biggest cocks. Throughout history, white people have marveled at how strong and sultry the ebony body smells.  The aroma of every black man I have ever fucked has just blown Me away!  
At first, I wouldn't tell Hubs about My "dates" and nights in bed.  He was hurt enough by My refusal to abstain from the sex I was accustomed to enjoying.  Being gone made it easier for him to accept it -- and I have used that time to thoroughly enjoy the beauty of being lost in the sex of whom I considered the world's greatest Lovers.  
Naturally, some of these guys would be with Me when Hubs was home.  He accepted it and "played along" as much as he could -- but through all these years, he often found it difficult for him to do what many cuckolds dream of doing: cooking our dinner, drying our bodies after we shower together, and most of important of all, watching and smelling us fuck our brains out and clean our love juices from My pussy afterward.  
I've tried to make it as fun for him as possible.  One year, I met a professional athlete on a first-class plane trip that one of My slaves paid for.  Later, during the Christmas season, this athlete invited Me and Hubs to his lush, scenic ocean side beach house where Hubs thoroughly relaxed while the athlete and I never stopped exploring each other's bodies in his outdoor hot tub, his large bedroom overlooking the ocean, etc. 
Outside of My wedding, this was the greatest week of My married life ... by far.  
Throughout this experience, both of us have learned that cuckolding -- having a loyal husband as I fuck any man I want -- is never easy. But while he continues to have frustrations and reservations, he knows he can count on one thing: That for the first time in his adult life, he will have a beautiful and loving Wife waiting for him every time he gets home. 
And despite the ups and downs of My Lovers, Hubs has finally found the stability he has long sought in a wife.  That means so much to him -- and to Me.  

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