Female Domination ~ A natural, happy life

I believe Femdom worship is the natural order of things.  I could never imagine being submissive to any man.  That's why I'm a Dominant Mistress and why I have a cuckolding relationship.  I get to fuck around while My cuckie hubby remains loyal, and serves Me head-to-ass-to-toe.
My cuckie hubby wouldn't have it any other way, but he occasionally whines too much.  When he does, I put him in his place!  Me & My Lovers humiliate him even more, and require him to do specific tasks that demean him more than he already is.  Just recently, he pissed Me off big time ... so I made him parade around in front of our dinner guests in a cute frilly nightie and stockings.  He was a laughable sight ... teetering on his high heels ... blushing furiously.  I swear he turned several shades of pink, and then red as we kept laughing at him.
But his humiliation wasn't over.  I commanded that he worship everyone's feet ... both male and female ... that it made him grimace.  And that made us laugh even more!  He knew better than to balk again, because an even more humiliating punishment would ensue.  He knows how My devious, sadist Femdom mind works.  So he normally covers up his impertinence so as not to face any more of My wrath!

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