Cuckold Diary: Super-Sexy Sexting

Ever since my Wife found a boyfriend, I'm much happier when She's home. I get to put my head between Her soft legs and taste their cum. But the nicest thing is watching Her sext him. What they say in their phone chats is none of my business -- but I know it's beautiful, just from the sighs and giggles and hot talk She spurts out.  Her fingers look gorgeous as they dance on that phone of Hers for hours!  They're really in love, and that's awesome.  Someday, I hope I can meet him -- but for now, I live for the sweet taste of his "sour cream."

Cuckold Diary: Car Flirting

One of my favorite places to talk to my Wife is in the car.  That way, nobody gets mad and we don't argue.  Recently, She said She wants to have sex again. We get tired often, and it's been three years since we've fucked each other.  As I was driving, I blurted it out -- She should find a younger and bigger cock to enjoy.  She went ballistic, saying it would ruin our marriage.  I knew it wouldn't, but I cut off the conversation. But I have now put the seed in Her head. I'll never know when Her seed will germinate, but I just know it will.

Cuckold Diary: Sweet Humiliation

Oh, Lord, I hope my Wife keeps Her present Lover for awhile. He is SO DREAMY! And best of all, he lets me watch them fuck sometimes. I must bring them drinks, clean up their bed messes, etc. But if I'm REALLY lucky ... I'll get to dress up as a sissy and help suck him hard! My favorite moment is watching my pink fingernails and white fingers caress his HEAVENLY Black rod. My next favorite moment? Licking his balls while my Wife sucks his monster! Sometimes, I'll sneak a kiss of Her beautiful fingers as they rub his massive sex machine. I cringe with delight when She pats me on the head, and giggles. Oh, the SWEEET humiliation!

Cuckold Diary: Birthday Fuck

A Confession from My cuckold hubby's diary 
"My wife only lets me fuck her on my birthday and maybe our anniversary.  Other than that, she gets plenty of black cock and I get to watch.  Even though some white wife loves black cock confessions sound pitiful, that's not so in my case.  I want my wife to be sexually satisfied, and black men do it for her.  I don't...not at all...not one tiny bit."